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PCB Laser Marking System

PCB Laser Marking System

Machine Features: 

This system is designed based on product features, customer’s requirement and sample test data in addition to our experience in PCB marking after comprehensive consideration of multiple factors including IE process, environment, ergonomics, industrial safety, etc. It adopts world-class laser technology and optical elements, and provides a perfect solution for customer.

1. Capability to complete marking of 2D code and character simultaneously.
2. Independent stations for laser marking and inspection respectively to improve production efficiency.
3. Visual identification system for 2D code inspection to enhance reading rate.
4. Combined control with motion control card and PLC for the convenience of debugging, operation and maintenance.

Technical Specifications:        
Item ▼     Technical Parameters ▼  
Applicable PCB Size     350*350mm~650*650mm  
Loading Mode     Full-automatic  
Loading & Unloading Time     5S  
Marking Position Accuracy     ±0.2mm  
                                 (The above parameters for reference only)

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