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Large-format High-speed CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Large-format High-speed CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Machine Features: 
This machine employs CO2 laser and 3-axis focusing system to realize large-format cutting and marking.
Applicable Industry:
It is used for cutting/marking on all kinds of non-metal materials in industries such as leather, wood, textile, plastics, packaging, artifact, printing, decoration, etc.

Technical Specifications:          
Item ▼   Technical Parameters      
Machine Model   GD-CO2-LM100 GD-CO2-LM150 GD-CO2-LM250 GD-CO2-LM400
Laser Power   100W  150W 250W 400W
Laser Wavelength   10.6μm      
Repetition Frequency   ≤20KHz   1KHz-100KHz  
Max. Marking Depth   Max to 15mm
Marking Range   100*100~1250*1250mm(optional
Marking Speed   ≤14000mm/s
Min. Character Height   0.8mm  
Min. Line Width   0.5mm    
Repeatability   ±0.01mm      
Power Supply   AC220V/50Hz/60Hz/30A
Dimensions (L×W×H)   2400*1200*1400mm
                                                                (The above parameters for reference only

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