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Green Laser Marking Machine

Green Laser Marking Machine

Green Laser Marking Machine 
Laser medium is first pumped with 808nm laser diode, then the stimulated light oscillates within laser cavity and generates 1064nm laser, and the 1064nm laser is transformed into 532nm output laser after SHG of non-linear optic crystal. 

Technical Specifications:          
Item ▼   Technical Parameters      
Machine Model   GD-GRM10               GD-GRM20
Laser Power   10W                     20W 
Laser Wavelength   532nm      
Beam Quality M2   TEM00 (M2<1.2)    
Pulse Width   ≥12.5ns                     ≥15ns
Repetition Frequency   10-100KHz               10-100KHz
Power Stability   ≤3%      
Marking Range   100*100mm (optional)
Marking Speed   250-320characters/s(character height: 1mm)  
Min. Line Width   0.03mm      
Repeatability   ±0.01mm      
Power Consumption   800W      
Power Supply   AC 220V ± 22V     50Hz / 60Hz   10A
Dimensions (L×W×H)   700*600*1300mm    
Cooling System   water cooling      
Operating Temperature   15-30°(no dew)    
                     (The above parameters for reference only

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