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lastic Laser Welding/Tin Laser Soldering Machine

lastic Laser Welding/Tin Laser Soldering Machine

Machine Features: 
1.Advanced diode laser.
2.Non-contact welding produces impermeable, precise and well-sealed welding seam.
3.Auto worktable and multi-axis motion system with wire feeding mechanism.

Technical Specifications        
Item ▼   Technical Parameters  ▼    
Machine Model   GD-PW GD-SOW  
Laser Type   Fiber laser    
Laser Power   120W/200W/300W
Laser Wavelength   980nm
Max. Welding Range   110mm*110mm
Operating Temperature   16-40° C
Cooling Method   Water cooling
Power Supply   AC 220V/50Hz/18A
                  (The above parameters for reference only

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