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High-speed Laser Drilling Machine

High-speed Laser Drilling Machine

This machine combines optical, mechanical and electrical system and is mainly used for precise 

drilling of all kinds of parts (including materials with high melting point like titanium and tungsten). 

It can normally work in the environment such as air, pure gas or vacuum for drilling of a single hole 

on one workpiece or multiple holes on plate, pipe or other irregularly-shaped materials.
Machine Features: 
1.Using pulse or QCW fiber laser.
2.High-accuracy motion control for precision drilling with fast speed.
3.High drilling accuracy and good drilling effect, especially applicable to processing of precision workpiece.
4.Drilling efficiency is related to laser absorptivity and thickness of materials as well as laser technique.

Technical Specifications:        
Item ▼   Technical Parameters ▼    
Machine Model   GD-DR1/DR2/DR3
Drilling Range   50*50mm(optional)
Drilling Speed   1-200Hole / second depends on material and thickness
Hole Diameter   0.01-0.30mm depends on material and thickness
Repeatability   0.2µm
Repetition Frequency   20-80KHz
Cooling Method   Air cooling
Power Supply   AC 380V/3-phase 220V/single-phase
Power Consumption   500W
                  (The above parameters for reference only)

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