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Glass Laser Cutting Machine

Glass Laser Cutting Machine

Machine Features: 
1.High-performance green laser with good beam quality, high peak power, narrow pulse width and high pulse stability.
2.Small focal spot, narrow kerf, smooth cut edge with little chipping, fast processing speed and high processing quality and stability.
3.Equipped with high-accuracy scan head with high precision and fast speed.
4.Controlled by dedicated computer software during the entire process, available for long-time running.
5.Non-contact processing without mechanical stress or deformation, applicable to irregularly-shaped hole and micro hole processing.
It is used for micro hole drilling and precision cutting on materials like mobile phone cover, optical glass, sapphire substrate and panel glass, and micro hole, irregularly-shaped hole drilling and shape cutting in horological industry.

Technical Specifications:        
Item ▼   Technical Parameters ▼    
Machine Model   GD-GC5050
Laser Wavelength   532nm
Cutting Range   500*500mm    
Glass Thickness   ≤6mm
Cutting Accuracy   ±0.2µm
Chipping Amount   ≤0.1mm
Drawing Format   DXF, PLT, etc.
Power Supply   AC 380V 50Hz/4KW
                  (The above parameters for reference only

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