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PCB Laser Cutting Machine

PCB Laser Cutting Machine

Machine Features: 
1.High-performance CO2 laser with small focal spot and narrow kerf.
2.Clean processing with no dust when splitting to avoid circuit failure caused by the waste.
3.Directly splitting of assembled PCB with no contact nor stress.
4.High-accuracy two-axis working platform with high precision and fast speed.
5.Automatic CCD positioning and calibration.
6.Automatic computer software control and real-time feedback on the interface during processing to understand processing status at any time.
Applicable Industry:
It is applied to precision cutting, shaping, windowing and uncovering of PCB, routing of packaged PCB and ordinary bare plate.

Technical Specifications        
Item ▼   Technical Parameters ▼    
Machine Model   GD-PCBC 6050
Cutting Range   600*500mm(optional
Locating Accuracy   ±0.02mm
Repeatability   ±0.001mm
Max. XY Platform Running Speed   30m/min    
Power Consumption   <8KW    
Machine Weight   700kg
Dimensions (L×W×H)   2200*1300*1500mm
                  (The above parameters for reference only

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