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FPC Laser Cutting Machine

FPC Laser Cutting Machine

Machine Features: 
1.High-performance ultraviolet laser, high-accuracy scanner with high precision and long service life.
2.High-accuracy linear motor working platform with high precision and fast speed.
3.Automatic CCD positioning and calibration, and fixing plate with vacuum adsorption with no need f

   or extra clamp.
4.Automatic computer software control and real-time feedback on the interface during processing to 

   understand processing status at any time.

Technical Specifications        
Item ▼   Technical Parameters    
Machine Model   GD-FPC6060
Locating Accuracy   ±0.005mm
Repeatability   ±0.001mm
Kerf Width   ≤20µm depends on material and thickness
Max. XY Platform Running Speed   60m/min    
Power Consumption   <8KW    
Machine Weight   3000kg
Dimensions (L×W×H)   1900*1400*1770mm
                  (The above parameters for reference only

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