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Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Machine Features: 
1.Using CO2 laser.
2.Adopting moving gantry with bilateral drive structure and high-rigidity frame for stable running.
3.Equipped with fully enclosed protection cover to reduce dust pollution and ensure service life and precision.
4.Using imported servo motor drive, high-precision ball screw drive and linear guide to guarantee machine running speed, accuracy, reliability and stability.
5.Dedicated laser control system and professional CAM software with strong function, stable and convenient operation.
6.Non-contact flexible processing that is not affected by product shape and available for any graphic.
Applicable Industry:
It is used for cutting on non-metal materials such as plastic, wood, leather, PU leather, paper, PMMA, rubber, fiber and other composite materials.

Technical Specifications        
Item ▼   Technical Parameters ▼    
Machine Model   GD-CC6050
Laser Power       100W-500W
Laser Wavelength   10.6µm/9.3µm
Cutting Range   600*500mm    
Kerf Width   0.07-0.25mm    
Repeatability   <0.01mm    
Locating Accuracy   ±0.025mm
Power Supply   AC 380V 50Hz/60Hz 
                  (The above parameters for reference only

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